Angel new paperback edition out now!

New paperback edition out now!

December update

Fred, the bulldog.  Illustrated by Trish Phillips
Fred, the bulldog. Illustrated by Trish Phillips

OK, it’s been several months since I offered an update. Apologies. A lot on the non-writerly front has been going on, as they say. But I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve written another novel recently. I put aside my big dark fantasy epic, Dragonbone Gate, for another day and had a big change of heart about what I wanted to write about next. I started penning a new ghost story – then stopped. I wasn’t enjoying it. It took a while to realise that I wanted to be in a lighter head-space than before. I wanted jokes and maybe a little sentimentality as well.


My wife had always said to me, ‘Why don't you write a nice story about some dogs stuck in a rescue centre.’


I always brushed it aside as the kind of story someone else might write, but when she died I changed my mind. Not immediately. But from nowhere THE NO-HOPERS almost wrote itself. It’s been the most enjoyable experience I’ve had for years. Four dogs, all with classic problems, spend every moment of their day in a kennel. Nobody wants them. Will they ever get out? And for those of you who think, ‘Where’s the McNish darkness gone?’ there's a thread of it in there. A Staffordshire bull terrier with a dark fighting past. But the rest of the story is unashamedly more heartfelt and humorous, and aimed at my original age-group of 8-12 rather than teens, too.


I’d like to think this one can be illustrated, and I’ve met Trish Phillips, a wonderful illustrator who’s sketched this little pic of one of the main characters. Fred the bulldog. A sad old fella who just turns away when anyone comes to visit the dog’s home. He’s lost all hope ...he’s a grouchy, sarcastic mutt as well. Hates puppies.


I’m sending the first draft of THE NO-HOPERS to my publisher, Orion, and they’re looking to read it over Xmas 2012 period. I hope they like it, because the next book I want to write is in a similar vein.


Apart from that I’ve been generally doing less than I should have done.


Ciao for now and be good to each other.