THE SILVER SEQUENCE - New editions out now!

THE SILVER SEQUENCE - new editions out now!

The Doomspell


'High fantasy, richly imagined and refreshingly well-written — an excellent novel.' The Sunday Times 

'Brilliant, breathless and filled with action from page one.' Kids Out

'Gripping, racy, children have been fighting to borrow it.' The Guardian

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Japanese cover The Doomspell
Japanese cover

In a blaze of light, rush of wind and scrabble of claws, Rachel and Eric are ripped through the wall and hurtled on to another world. Like thousands of other children before them, they have been snatched away by the Witch.


But this time the Witch has met her match. Rachel discovers that she has extraordinary gifts: she can transform herself into a feather, or fly on an owl’s back, just as the Witch can. The Witch is excited she has found someone to use for her own evil purposes. But for the Witch’s victims, Rachel is their only hope.



Doomspell cover
Original U.K. cover

The Doomspell, my first book, is a story about two children who are dragged into a freezing world called Ithrea, ruled by an evil witch, Dragwena.


My ten-year-old daughter, Rachel, wanted a story about a really, really nasty witch.

Shortly afterwards, a strange image came into my head: of an evil woman walking down a steep stairway. The woman was outside, surrounded by dark snow and freezing winds, but she was not uncomfortable; on the contrary, she was quite at home.


I got out my PC and started writing the scene that became the opening to The Doomspell (then called simply Rachel and the Witch).


Some of your artwork inspired by the Doomspell


'Brilliant, breathless and filled with action from page one.' Kids Out 

'A great new voice in writing for children an incredible world in which the reader will become totally absorbed.' The Bookseller

'A vivid world of magical possibilities.' The Times

'A thrilling and magical read —  there is a real build up of suspense with plenty of twists and turns. It is full of brilliant descriptions of events, characters and places.' Library and Information Service for Schools

'Places him firmly among much more well-known names such as Philip Pullman and C.S.Lewis — Ithrea is a truly complete world, and the characters are beautifully conceived to obtain an emotional response from the reader.' BookMonster

'A magical read, full of danger, treachery and excitement.' Amazon